Hi, I’m Noah!

Welcome to my portfolio website!
The main subject I choose for my website is joy. I’ve been heavily inspired by Ingrid Fetell Lee’s work on The Aesthetics of Joy. She identifies 10 characteristics of joy: Energy, Abundance, Freedom, Harmony, Play, Surprise, Transcendence, Magic, Celebration and Renewal. I combined many of these characteristics in my works.

You can check out more from Ingrid Fetell Lee here.

After you finished viewing my Portfolio on The Aesthetics of Joy, you can see my most recent works here.


Kitty Colour

I chose to colourize an old black and white photo to let the colours be revived. The vibrant colours combined with the smiles give the picture a wonderful and playful energy. Most of the colour gradients are based on modern colour images.

Lively and Light

During a photography trip around the neighborhood, I started to miss the green of the leaves. The idea to take a picture of a leafless tree and renew its crown sprouted in my mind. After adding in the different layers of leaves, I felt like something was missing. I added an illustration of one of my budgies to promote the feeling of freedom and lightness. The image was animated with the help of the Adobe Photoshop Timeline tool to create a more lively contrast to it’s dull predecessor.

Land of Bubbles

While playing around with close-up photography, this picture was taken. Following that, I decided to create a small fantasy world among the moss. I started out with an analogue sketch of a fairy which was translated to a shape in Adobe Illustrator. To add a bit of sparkle to this magic world, I added playful round bubbles.


After seeing a quokka for the first time, I’ve been in love with these fluffy mammals. It is obvious why they are known as the world’s most cheerful animal. I chose to combine these cute animals with a more serious painting. The contrast between these two images amused me so much, I decided to transfer this idea over to other famous paintings.

Heartbeat in the Woods

Seeing moss on trees made me wonder what shapes Mother Nature has created by chance. So I decided to bend the odds and create my own coincidence. I took a photo of a tree with yellow moss on it and rearranged the pattern into the shape of a heart. The tree trunk was then placed in a more magical setting.

Music for the Eyes

The following series is my take on visualizing music. From the covers of my favourite albums, I created large colourful spheres. Although the spheres differ in colour, a sort of abundance is created by the same shape and being placed in a balanced form.

Alt Classic

Kill The Noise

Gone In Your Wake

Thousand Below

Morally Flexible



Oceans Ate Alaska

Lon Lon Ranch

One of my favorite activities as a kid was exploring the fictive worlds in video games. These memories surfaced again when I was taking some portraits of cows. The setting I found myself in reminded me of the Lon Lon Ranch in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I decided to build a logo based on the Lon Lon Ranch to convey the feelings of tradition, homeliness, harmony, balance and peace. To add to the project, a poster was designed with one of the cow portraits I took that day.

Check out my most recent work here!